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Appstellar is a user acquisition platform that allows mobile brands to reach engaged users globally through high-performing native ads.

Empowered by machine learning technologies, it is collecting massive volumes of real-time data about every user, producing comprehensive user profiles and generating millions of installs.

User Acquisition

Leverage our user acquisition solutions to drive more installs, find high-quality users across the largest pool of inventory, and unleash the full power of your app advertising potential.

Post-Install Optimization

We continually tune up our post-install optimization campaigns, including tracking real-time post-install data and creating complete user profiles, to help you retain most valuable customers and reach your app promotion KPIs.


As fraud has become an industry-wide issue, we developed our advanced anti-fraud technology, allowing to track click validity, CTIT, IP reputation, and more to detect the most sophisticated patterns of mobile fraud.


Monetize your iOS and Android apps by integrating our lightweight and highly configurable SDK powered by Appstellar, enabling highly-relevant interstitial and video ads that drive ROI.

Native Ads

Created with a sharp focus on user experience, our targeted native ads seamlessly blend with app’s content, increasing user engagement and maximizing their total lifetime value.

Take your business to stellar heights!

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