In-house intelligent fraud protection suite

MobAir leverages a proprietary anti-fraud technology to detect the most sophisticated fraudulent patterns in real time. The more data it processes, the smarter it gets. It serves as the efficient anti-fraud tool that helps safeguard your marketing spends.

Stop paying for fraudulent installs and conversions! With our robust anti-fraud solutions, your media budget is safe and sound.

Multi-layered fraud protection technology

By applying a smart combination of in-house and third-party technology, we adopt a multi-layered approach to fraud prevention and detection. It allows us to perform a compliant traffic verification and provide you with a high-quality traffic.

Real-Time Fraud Analysis

We keep a close watch on traffic sources and block suspicious and questionable ones.

  • IP Blacklisting – by maintaining our real-time database of blacklisted IPs and keeping it constantly updated, we are able to efficiently detect fraudulent activity.
  • Domain Blacklisting – we detect and blacklist spam and suspicious domains in real time.
  • Keyword Blacklisting – with a list of keywords which are prohibited to use, we exclude spam links and block questionable websites.
Device Ranking

Through the power of big data analytics, we identify bot devices as well as monitor the distribution of traffic across OS versions and device models. We check each device individually and combined.

  • Bot Checking – we check each device if it is real or not.
  • OS Distribution – our algorithms continuously monitor the equal distribution of traffic across various OS versions according to their ranking.
  • Device Model – our algorithms continuously monitor the equal distribution of traffic across various device models.
Attribution Fraud Detection

To evaluate the percentage of conversions, we track CTIT, click hijacking, install hijacking, IP filtering, intraday distribution of installs, and more.

  • CTIT – we check all conversions for their CTIT in real time to disclose the sources compromised by install hijacking or click flooding.
  • Click Hijacking – by using our latest scanning and measurement technology, we identify the cases of sending fraudulent click reports right after the real click occurred.
  • Install Hijacking – we identify the cases of sending fraudulent clicks while the install process is being run.
  • IP Filtering – we maintain a database of trusted IP addresses by monitoring the number of installs from real IPs and blocking the suspicious ones.
  • Intraday Distribution of Installs – we analyze installs time and monitor the distribution of normal and fraudulent traffic during the day.
  • Third-party Technology – for the most careful review, we draw conclusions based on our own data and doublecheck them through third-party services.
Data Aggregation

We search tons of data, process and present it in a report-based format for the further analysis.

  • Monitoring – our data analysts perform a careful data monitoring on a regular basis.
  • Notification – once suspicious traffic is detected, our anti-fraud system immediately sends notifications to data analysts.
  • Reporting – to carry out a more careful investigation, we have got a handy reporting system that allows us to get to the root of the problem.
  • Real-Time Fraud Analysis
  • Device Ranking
  • Attribution Fraud Detection
  • Data Aggregation

We put safety at the heart of everything we do!

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