Acquire engaged users

The global mobile market is oversaturated with apps – making them hard to get discovered. To beat off the competition, you need to attract and retain high-quality users around the world. MobAir makes the process of user acquisition safe and effortless.


Appstellar is purpose-built to discover the massive scale of quality users with the highest engagement along with user journey tracking and analysis.

Leave a lasting impression on users with our engaging ad formats

  • Interstitial

    a classic full-screen ad format that provides consistently high CPMs.

  • Native ad

    a non-intrusive ad format that seamlessly blends with the app’s layout and is especially popular with non-gaming apps.

  • Rewarded video

    a highly lucrative opt-in ad format that increases user retention and drives conversion.

  • Video

    a high-performing ad format that boosts user engagement.

We are on guard against mobile fraud

We are on guard against mobile fraud

Mobile advertising is suffering from fraud, which is why fraud prevention is absolutely crucial. Our anti-fraud suite is designed to secure your media budget.

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